Sinful weekend.

are actually not needed.
They are just the catalyst of

Wrote this in the convo between Marv and I today. Thought of this a few days back and I didn’t think I would tell it to someone so soon. So sick and tired of one sided love/rejection till I sometimes seriously wonder maybe not having the other part of you is even better. Sigh.
I am very sure, one day I would really regret what I said. Hahaha
Oh and you know what Marv told me today? Aiyee got a boyfriend! Really glad for her as someone is looking after her now. They thought I’ll be quite sad but hehe I’m actually quite relieved. 😛

This weekend was an expensive and fat one. A real FAT one. Friday went to eat Collins and zichar to celebrate sis’s birthday. Saturday went out with my buddies to eat zichar AGAIN(thank god we didn’t drink). Then today went to grandpa’s favorite hokkien restaurant to eat a FEAST. Fuck me man. Need to fucking run tomorrow already. Oh and I played with my baby cousin, yongshen! He is so cute man! Make me can’t wait to be a dad someday. Sigh look at me, can’t even find a fucking girlfriend/wife want get a son. #retardfuckisme
Here are some photos of the baby and I!


Little brat make me look bad at the second photo.

Oh and know why I said its an expensive one was because of the meal with ma buddies and the shopping I did with Gavin and Thomas. Went to Vivo and Xinhui gave free gelato! She is damn nice. Ahaha then went to Taka to look around and at last went to paragon to buy a shirt from Ben Sherman. Fucking $109. But it looks good. Hopefully it would be a good investment. P.S this is my first “small” size shirt. 🙂 AHAHA so proud

Then went to Tangs to get some Renoma underwear LOL. At fucking last, wanted to get them since like last year. After that we went to scape to get a cap(which I wanted it badly too).

At last spend like around 200. Fml. Hopefully I don’t look so cock wearing the cap! HAHA
Just realized I got everything I wanted except for a jeans. I think I’m getting the April jeans which cost like $170… 😅
That shall wait. Ahahah

The last sinful thing is…

Fuck man. Really gonna go run and at least study a little after school. Oh and I decided to pass Marv my whole comp after wed. Hopefully this would be a good decision.

And I can’t fucking wait for Friday man.. Reph’s birthday party and can see her during lecture! 😍 Hehe. Damn I miss her.
And I fucking swear jereph’s party is gonna be CRAZZYYY Am already excited man.. This is the message I sent to everyone;
“Pls re-confirm if you’re going next Friday, 29nov, for jereph’s birthday. Will spend around $50-60 if you don’t wanna club (May have dinner together)but if you do, please bring around $100. The plan is we already booked a hotel(Fraser suites) for Jereph, we will drink and chill a little. Then we will walk to zouk and have fun till dawn. We will then return after that and nurse the dead. Reply ASAP pls. Thanks.”
Can’t wait for fridayyyy… 😔
Alright I better go sleep already.

Peace out
Mother fuckers.

Live for nothing
Die for something.”


The girl with the crimson hair.

That girl with crimson red hair, I will never forget. It was late evening and the sun was setting. Sun rays were shining from behind her. Glared by the sun, I stared at her direction without knowing and didn’t notice she was staring back. Oh god. My body and mind reacted, heart skipped and my mind when blank. Sat down, slapped myself in the face. “Focus.”

Bought my daily dose of caffeine and prepared myself. Thanks to her, I was more pumped up then usual. Did 8 reps of 95kg squats for the first time. That’s a new Personal Best.

That was like Thursday. Too fucking busy to WP everyday this week. On wed, ran alone in the morning then Hilmi joined me. Was a good run then pull ups and abs as usual. That night Alvin came and we did A LOT of shooting.
So he bet with me, every accurate shot loser will pay the other $2. It was a draw. But the part that pisses me(with myself) off was the cross shot exercise. “Score more than 3, no need to do push ups. Score less than 3, 20 push ups. Score none, 100 push ups.” Guess who the fuck did 100.
I did.
Pissed, tried again with a new shooting form. Alvin say it’s a lot better and I would be even better if I shoot like this next time. So I decided to write the steps here to make me remember that feeling of a good shooting form.
1. Position yourself at that sweet spot and twist waist till max. (Feel your oblique have that torsion feeling)
2. Hands below ball. (No hard gripping of ball is needed)
3. Rise up, twist body and following thru with hands. (Please look at the place you are going to place the ball)
4. Press your fucking wrist down and point your fingers toward direction of where you’re shooting.
Hopefully I will remember this.

Just realized she is a late sleeper. Always sleeping so late. All her tweets are usually around 3-5am, worst still it’s during weekdays! Is she sleeping well? How is she? All this questions how I wish I knew. Hahaha. If this continue, she will really fall sick. And if that happens I would want to nurse her. HAHAHA 😛
She also like to post such pictures on her twitter. Wonder what happened. Sigh. I WANT TO CONSOLE HER 😭

Hope one day, I would have a chance.
Dammit. Can’t wait to see her next week already! 😦

Friday, skipped SOM lecture and went funan with Jordan and nic. At least we didn’t buy anything ahaha. Then went to sis birthday dinner. Happy birthday Uting! It was not too bad but dad always give trouble. Well at least I can see joy in my grandparents eyes. Can’t wait for the cruise trip with them!


And Jordan just told me HE GOT THE AIRSHOW TIX FOR NEXT YEAR. YAY. #aviationfanboyhere Hehe so excited for next year. Air show, Korea trip, Brisbane trip, family trip. Hopefully getting a girlfriend would be in the package. HAHA.
Oh and I’m tryin out to apply for syfc next wed with Ben. Hopefully we will make it there! 🙂


I seriously wonder if there is any changes with my body. I am not even satisfied of my body. Zz. I guess that’s a way to motivate yourself huh. By the way the one in black pants is taken on 11may while the whole one is 22nov. Fucking 7 months, so little change. Fuck my life.



“Never be satisfied.
Because if you’re,
you will never push
yourself to be better.”

Peace out mother fuckers.
P.S am guilty I ate too much today and I didn’t fucking run or HIIT today…

Dreams to reality.

Was wondering to myself if one day my future girlfriend/wife asked me what would I say to them if that particular day was our last.
It too me like a few weeks and I finally found my answer.

“Anything but goodbye.”

Am I weird because I feel very proud inventing that HAHA (ok I am)

Oh and I decided to challenge myself to the “do not on comp challenge”. Hopefully I will not use the computer maybe till Friday. Am really wasting my time for weeks. For example yesterday, ended school at 12 went home and used the fucking computer for the whole fucking day. Oh fuck me man.

Today was a short day like only 1 1/2 hrs of school. Then we went to TGN to gym. There really the home of power lifters. Go there my motivation drop. Didn’t manage to bench 35kg by my own again 😔 yeap that is some sad news. But I think today’s gym session was a great one, perspire like a pig. Shiok like fug. Then I told Hilmi about me interested in Huiling. “Impossible to get one” was his reply. THIS is the true sad news. SIGH. Times like this I need to relate to Nike and Adidas’s slogans. (Just do it & Nothing is impossible) I think I really become crazy already. Ahahaha. But I really want be her friend man.. Oh well. Oh and can’t see her this week no FFM lecture NUUUU 😭

I don’t know why but I always got this feeling as if something is wrong. The most fucked up part is me myself is not sure what the fuck is wrong. Must be the pile of work I have not touch. Actually I get it. It’s the same feeling I felt during O’s. That lost feeling, that feeling when you know you are not ready for the battle ahead. I guess I better wake the fuck up and start to study man.

My late lunch for the day.

I am really retarded eat already went to sleep straight. Hahaha. Hmm now feeling a little hungry after that power nap. Shall cook meself some chicken boobies.

Peace out homos

Feeling stress?
Fuck stress
Bench press

Dope quote there.


Oh lord. She dyed her hair! So pretty man! Damn need to wait like two more weeks to see her.

OH AND I FUCKING FAVORITED AND UNFAVORITE HER TWEET TWICE FUCKING TWICE. (by accident) zz hopefully she won’t think I’m a stalker HAHA oh well.
She like so emo post such photos/quotes. Wonder if she’s okay.. Hmm.

Sigh hope one day I would have the balls to talk to her!

-_- (yes I’m scolding myself)

WAH I really sound like a stalker. Oh fuck.. HAHAHA

Got a quiz tomorrow morning and I’m not sure if I’m ready for it. #yolo. Dad and I are in a Cold War again. Gooddamit he is like more childish than I am. Sigh. Oh ya forgotten to show off my plane model I building. 🙂


NICE RIGHT? thanks.

only time?

Peace out tards.

Dear me, myself and I

GET YOUR FUCKING SHIT TOGETHER MAN. FUCKKK.. CTs are just round the corner man fuck. But seriously I really have no time to even fucking study. Fuck. Maybe I should really quit polo man. Damn. Thinking of abandoning my vice-cap position so sudden really make me look like an asshole. And worst of all, she is running in my mind all day. Really hope Hilm or Eri would intro her to me. Really regretted not going for any camps. Eri said she is a really good girl. Sigh a girl with girlfriend/wife material. How awesome is that man. Maybe I should just go for the SU camp. HAHA. oh well but it’s over already. Zz. My love life is seriously in a mess. mylovelife Most importantly Idk why am I feeling so guilty about Aiye. Oh well I’m really an asshole. Fuck I AM an asshole. Sigh.
But seriously, I really wanna know her badly.

Really hope one day,
I would sit with the girl I love on this swing just downstairs of my home.
Talk about our lives till late at night.
Moment like that, I would know what’s the true meaning of

Peace out fuckers.

P.S I’m still standing strong guys!! 🙂


Man.. How hard it is to follow back? Sigh. I guess it’s really we don’t know each other. Shit son, another fucking one sided love once again. But really if this continue to happen, I will really be intoxicated to her. Ohh fuck..
Peace out fuckers.



One fucking fine day. I will be get better. Just give me one fucking year and I will show those people what am I made of. Peace out mofos. Goodnight! 🙂