Autopilot mode, on

My fucking feelings are currently on like fucking autopilot. Fucking hell. Every girl I see, I just thinks I’m interested in her or something. Dammit.
Fucking infatuations.

During school, huling & kailing
Clubbing, wenhui
Just now, suting.
Fuck la. I’m a useless fucker seriously. Despo fuck.

But just now when we walking behind our friends. It felt so nice. This nice feeling that I can’t describe thru words. Sigh. How I wish we were walking there not as friends. Maybe having a mutual feeling is also good.
Oh I think she just kinda reject the movie lol.

Good night guys!



Satisfied with what I have/who I am now. Only not satisfied with the amount of fats in ma body HAHA. Oh well got to work harder man. #fortheabs
Been 13 days since I update this shit man. And during this 13 days, many thing had happened man. Some good, some even better and of cos some bad(you don’t say) lol. Hahaha.

Family cruise was FA-KING AWESOME. Felt so “family” after so long man. That feeling of looking forward to a family trip is back!! Can’t wait for the next trip already. I think we really need more events like this!



My ah ma is a kungfu panda fan FYI. HAHA

Went out with ma classmates for the first time and it was really fun(to me). Jordan and I now like BFF or something haha also good la, he’s a nice guy(no homo).

Went clubbing with ma bros on wed and met a few pretty girls! That night was funnnnn!! Some of them said they were amazed how we protected them. LOL. well I think it’s our job to do that right? Haha but I must say WH is a cute one! ☺️😊


20131222-005857.jpg OH and I met Suting at zouk and because of this we are talking back again! Haha. Not sure to be happy or what. But sian she didn’t start a convo today.. 😒 Kinda disappointed hahaaha.

Thennn on Friday went jb with bh, reph and Ben! Fucking fun(and fat). Really glad I got them as my friends. Oh and WH was at jb too with another dude πŸ˜” lol.







Went gym today with the same dudes and we DIED. seriously DIED. FUCKING SHAG SIA. Hope I will ache like mad later when I wake up man..

Next thing to look forward to is Friday’s BBQ, shopping and hair cut with ma bros and clubbing with Jereph! HAHA EGGCITED SIA. ☺️

“Throw me to the wolves
And i will return
Leading the pack.”

And this quote/picture is dedicated to my future wife/girlfriend


Peace out and goodnight Fagits


Home? Well I need a home to feel more like home. Right now to me, home is just a place for me to sleep and eat. Maybe store my stuffs. Seriously why is my dad so fucking unreasonable.
For the fucking first time of my life, I was so fucking pissed till I was panting and shivering. I was not shivering because I was scared, I was just controlling myself not to start throwing my fists.
Fucker never learn his lessons. Lol don’t even know what did I cry over this. Been quite long since a shed a tear haha.
Thank god for my dumbbells and my new room’s big space. Did a mini workout and it felt fucking great.
Can’t wait to gym tomorrow with my bro. Release all that fucking anger.

I now finally understand why some people call anger their friend.


Please be good to me, December.

Am fucking sure I’m gonna celebrate Christmas alone as usual. Oh well, suck it up bitch.

So fucking busy these few days, didn’t even have time to play/WP. Damn.
Got to wake up at 7 tomorrow for school mann, Gtg sleep already.

Even the colour of Christmas,
Remind me of you.

Can’t fucking wait for Friday.