Everyday, I can feel us drifting away from each other. Texts getting colder and time taken to reply longer. I wished I didn’t care but it only hurts when you pretend not to.
Was at zouk yesterday and I realized how much I fucked up last Friday. All I wanted to do, was just to protect you. That fucking irony. Really hope I would have the chance to explain or you would understand. Lesson fucking learnt man. NEVER EVER drink so much when going clubs or anything with the girl you adore.
Sigh can’t even have a nice meal with you. Really feel that after Friday, you changed. Fuck me man.
Seriously feel like asking you straight in the face but I know after that, we would be strangers again.
And fuck that, I don’t fucking want that. Sigh. Hopefully can go her house to banian during cny Ahaha. sigh 😔

Zz let’s talk about other stuffs, last night zouk was not too bad(but not satisfying) Jereph and I talk about life till like we almost cried! 😂 damn funny. Damn shag man, almost slept in zouk LOL. next week another one and I will try not to go till after exams(so gonna fail HAHA) Here are some photos.


Hardcore bo ta bo lampa Jereph Wong. 😂😂😂

Really got together my shit together didn’t even study these few weeks. Butttt I have no fucking drive to study already man. Sigh. What happened to the GPA 4 dream? Lol

Really fucking thankful I got my brothers behind me. I think without them, I think I would be Ngee Ann’s fattest and biggest loser. Thank you guys! 😘😌

Anyway got to go, byebye

“I never know why,
But I still miss you”



It’s really funny how one person can turn your life upside down. May it be the good or bad way.
And it doesn’t really look really good for me.
First day of 2014, and I’m getting fucked over. The whole of last night till now, I feel like shit. Ahh. The moment that I really don’t want to come, is just right in front of me(once again).
Really just got to suck it up and take it all in. Blame yourself idiot, you’re the one who over did everything.
Fuck can’t wait to pump and Friday’s party. Gonna drink my worries away.

Happy new year?
Fuck that