Going out with the girl I like to buy a gift for her best friend(birthday) which happens to be my old crush #fml #godlovestofuckwithme


This is why I fucking off this shit. I swear if I didn’t, some of my heart strings would be broken by now ajahaa #weaking

2 paper down 3 more to go. Can’t wait for it to be over. Then Friday!!! ☺️ at last can see her heh.

Bitch I don’t wanna be your invisible man.
I wanna be your man. πŸ˜’

I know I’m never been in a relationship before but I find this kinda interesting, holding on too long is the right thing to do , really worth your time reading it hahaha (click on the link ya)

After she intro me thought-catalog, I have been reading tons and tons of such article wtf.

I should be studying. Zz
Time to drag myself out of my bed at 1:25am sigh pie
Dada πŸ‘‹


Just a guy with a broken heart AND a broken back.
Guys I fucked up my back today while doing deadlift(105kg) LOLL but it was a fucking good day today. Abs were burning and arms was pumped as fuck. Can’t wait for the veins to pop man. Hehehe. And I kinda lose my ability to dabian, can’t squeeze the pangsai out with ma injured back. Wtf

Need to study for ma exams but I’m fucking lazy and I’m still playing dota wtf. Fuck me right? Alright maybe I should go out and study all by my own tomorrow. Heh. Hmmm the arc sounds good and I can go check out the NB shoes!! 😌

Anyway let me tell you a story
There was a little boy and he had this really beautiful balloon which he love. One day the balloon bursted and it was soon deflated. But the boy held on to the string of the deflated balloon. He was sad cause he really liked the balloon. He took it back home and tried to fix it, putting tape and glue. When he was more confident he tried putting air into it. But it was no good.
Sounds familiar? That’s kinda like my life. Hahaha

Damn. Why can’t a night like this continue? Oh ya, cause everything is not built to last. Humans die. Feelings change. Emotions change. I must remember this. Really losing my faith in women. Or maybe I’m really made to be alone.

Can’t she give me even one chance?
Or she did and I was too stupid to know?
I will never know.



Woke up took a dump and weighted myself. It’s a good day I must say

Ok maybe the weighting machine spoil

One paper down four more to go.
Can’t wait for tomorrow to smash my back 😌 hehe love deadlift


Feels so weird not doing anything.
Not used to keeping my energy at 100%
It just feels so wrong when you’re not aching or your body is not hurting
Can’t fucking wait for Friday, deadlift day fuck yeah

10 more days till clen comes ☺️
Fucking eggcited

So why am I doing this to myself?
Why hold on to something which is already dead?
Why act as if I’m okay?
Why still text her?
Why reply as if you’re okay?

Note to self: good job today on not expecting something good.

Can’t wait for my exams to end.
Can’t fucking wait to fucking gym.