Day 1?

fucking hlimi asked her if she likes me in the FUCKING MIC LIKE TO THE WHOLE EBM HAHAHAH WP LA SIA

Bought her food though hehe
Fucking boring induction week even my teacher I’m charge don’t know what the fuck is happening
Fucking forced us to walk around school and some parts in the rain knn
Conclusion? I learn nothing on the first day(as usual)

Heh let’s just hope she’s not playing with me.

Isit true that girls love to make you feel like you’re the most special person to them and after awhile they get bored of you and they turn as cold as ice?

So cold, I caught a fucking cold.

Hahaha I’m so fucking bad at this thing called love


Fuck this

Fuck this
Fuck you
Fuck hope
Fucking piece of shit
Should had fucking knew
Thrice already. Are you not fucking sick of this game

If she say it’s because she doesn’t want to lose me as a friend,

I’m so gonna hate her.
She can seriously fuck off from my life.

But then again, maybe she got her reasons.

But seriously? What the fuck.
“Haha oh”
How the fuck am I gonna reply that
Fuck you
Fuck you seriously

Day 1

First day as a GL!!(for pre camp)
Fun but I’m really boring 😔
Loving my dog tags and GL identities ahahaha
So fucking tired man need some quality sleep soon.