They say time is love.
But it is?

Guess I got to be patient and wait. Well it’s true all good things doesn’t come immediately. Even the fruits on the trees need to be waited for it to be ripe for our consumption.

Really glad she gave me a chance to even try. She’s the first to do that. Thank you dear girl. ☺️

Didn’t see her for days.. Damn, am starting to miss her HAHA. Asked her out for dinner on Monday and she replied “see my mood” and laughed. This girl.. heh can’t wait to see her on Monday. 😌☺️

Trying not to text her so much now and then, am afraid I’m annoying her lol. Hopefully I’m giving her space correctly.. And HOPEFULLY she will miss me HAHA Well it’s funny but sometimes, the best way of bringing someone closer to us is to loosen our grip right?

Otw for BHs birthday dinner with my best pals heh. HUNGRY LIKE FUCK MANN

P.s should I tell her I miss her?

The lucky charm that made me passed my driving test HAHAHHAH (seriously had it as my wallpaper during my test)


Yeah I’m fine

I don’t even know what to feel now.
To be angry? Or sad?
Disappointed? I don’t know
Who knew this would come. It just happened in an instant and it felt like you’re getting robbed. Stabbed and your valuables stolen. I don’t understand.
I’ll never understand.

Yeah I do lift. I can squat 100kg. But this, this feeling, somewhere deep inside you just feel so heavy. So so heavy. Only a matter a time till I’m crushed. But once again, who the fuck cares.

They say every king needs his queen.
So where’s mine?
I just need somebody to be there. Someone to tell me I’m needed. Just someone. I’m sick and tired of being alone. Alone.. Heh. Alone..
I guess I’m born to be alone and I need to accept this fact.

Tired of pretending but what to do, I still got to pretend everything is fine. “Haha, yeah I’m fine”

Man fucking loser you’re pathetic fucking eyes ahahahha I hate my life

Can someone just destroy my feelings and emotions? Please