I miss you so damn badly.
Ever since you left, it felt so damn bad. Even food can’t cheer me up. Then suddenly, you came back. I was mad at first thinking why can you act as if nothing happened. You explained and all and ya.
I really wonder if last night’s convo was true. Are you lying?
I sometimes wonder if you do this to all the guys you know.

For now although I really like you, I really don’t know how to feel now.
This pain, I’m so used to it, is going numb.

Gonna just gonna pretend I’m okay and try to survive. Friends all say I looked like shit these few days. Smile, mother fucker. (:



The day I first met her for dinner. Still remembered she ate banmian and I eat some noodles shit.
Then I walked her to church.
Life was so much better then.
Who knew?

Tipsy as fuck. Been drinking too much beer and too fast. It’s acutally good as it keep me from thinking every night.

And don’t think ys. That tweet is not about you, I’m sure.

Fucking move on alr. Fuck.

Why brain why?

Was wondering what was I missing out today.

And I realised,
Was dinner with her day.

But everything is over.
Fuck why must I always do this to myself?

“It’s all about looking good”

Streets of Australia!! I’m ready!!! Yay!!
Hopefully I can pull off this look ahahah need to get more shirts though.

And was really thinking I wanna start an online shop but the barrier of entry is too damn high. Zz but what I’m doing is different. Should I try?? Sigh

I miss her. I really do.
But I can’t do anything about it.
This sucks.
Really losing my faith in women.
Or maybe, the problem is with me?

“Hongster never die, ce.line Koh is a chao jibai” – Jordan
Fucking Jordan and his bullshit. But I really had a good laugh ahhaha
Though I should be angry at her, I just can’t.

Ahh I wanna be better.