lol you fucking player




Here I am trying to move on and you doing such things, it just tend to make me.. miss you more maybe?

I rather you don’t talk to me
Just go and leave me alone

woke up crying, fucking dream why so sad for what
dreamt that my parents disown me what the fuck

idw to be this weak zzzzzz fml

Where is the best place in Singapore to study overnight ?



Finally my year 2 sem 1 is finally over. It’s time for me to update my blog. It’s been a long time since I last post something here. So my first task is to update one of my blog post. This post is one of my top post therefore I think there is a need to update this post.

Well, the recent semester has been a really hectic one. Can you imagine, in less than 2 months, I had to complete 7 major projects and on top of that, I’ve other commitment such as presentation and class test too. I survived.

Been staying in school till late night every single day just to finish up my assignments. Sometimes, I didn’t go home because I know if I go home, I’ll sleep instead. I really cannot do homework at home. I will end up tonning outside to finish up…

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10 Food-Related Promises Every Girl Deserves From Her Man

“I respect your love of food and will never underestimate how much you can eat (or judge you for it).” THIS POST MANN

Thought Catalog

Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 7.18.46 PM

1. I will know your favorite pizza order, ice cream flavor, order at Chipotle, and Starbucks drink. (And I will bring them to you unprompted on bad days).

2. When we out together and you’re eating a salad and I’m eating a burger and fries I will let you steal fries.

3. I will not judge you when a few fries turns into “all” the fries.

4. I will never judge you for asking the guy at the theater concession stand to fill the popcorn bag halfway, butter it, then fill it the rest of the way (and butter it again).

5. Sometimes you are allowed to count Raisinettes as a fruit serving for the day.

6. I won’t judge you if you have Forrest Gump-ed your entire box of Valentine’s chocolates. It’s why I gave them to you, isn’t it?

7. While on a juice cleanse, any hunger-induced rage…

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